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Are you looking at recruiting/training apprentice or up-skilling your existing staff through the government apprenticeship programmes? If so, we are here to help.

Get In. Go Far – We will recruit and train apprentices for you

…A great way to improve your workforce

We will help you from start to finish including setting up your digital apprenticeship account, recruitment of quality apprentices, training and the end point assessment.

We offer new ways of meeting employers’ workforce needs through apprenticeships. We deliver qualifications in an easier and tailored approach to learners’ personal circumstances and employers’ business needs.

If you are a levy payer, we will help you from start to finish including setting up your digital apprenticeship account, recruitment of quality apprentices, training and the end point assessment.

Benefits of recruiting apprentice

• A great way to improve your workforce

• A sure way of meeting your current and future demands of skills to meet the needs of your customers

• Apprentices gain skills which are relevant to your business – it is tailor made training to suit your business needs

• Opportunities to employ fresh talent to your workforce without paying recruitment fee, if you choose to retain them after their apprenticeship programme..

• You may be entitled to government incentive of £1000 per apprentice if you recruit an Apprentice aged 16 – 18 years old.

As Apprenticeship Training Agency

Learning and Development Bureau is an Approved Apprenticeship Training Agency by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. The Bureau’s overarching objective is to support manpower needs of businesses through the supply of top quality apprentices who will in turn aim to achieve their career aspirations.

Our services to Businesses/Employers

Our services to businesses ensure that employers are able to take on apprentices without going through the hassle of recruiting, payroll services or other direct responsibilities of employing staff.

Specifically, we are responsibility for the wages, tax, National Insurance as well as administration of holidays, sickness & absence of your apprentice.

We also issue contracts of employment and full requirements against the agency working regulations, eligibility of entitlement to work in the UK along with additional regulatory requirements.

Technically, the apprentices are our staff as we employ the apprentices who are hired out to the host employers. This makes the venture less risky and stress free for the employers.

We have a very robust recruitment process including short-listing, interviewing, saving businesses valuable time and efforts in recruiting staff.

Our services are ideal for large business and most suited for small and medium businesses in particular as they no longer have to worry about taking on an apprentice for the first time, because of a lack of support services, such as HR and Payroll, and often mentoring the apprentice.

As a host employer you will pay us a monthly management fee plus the apprentice their agreed wage.

In turn, we will offer you the following:

• Support with recruitment – finding the right apprentice to meet your needs (preparing the job description, advertising the position, screening candidates, engaging with candidates, arranging interviews and providing feedback)
• Links to an assured training provider and support to both the apprentice and the host employer, throughout the apprenticeship.
• A dedicated relationship manager to ensure your apprentice is progressing and they are gaining the skills required by the business.
• Information on funding opportunities for which you could be eligible, including local and national grants, and support through the application process.
• Pastoral support and progression planning for your apprentice, as well as training and support for your apprentice’s line manager for an additional fee.
• Expert advice along the way and a bespoke Apprenticeship Training Plan, detailing the qualifications, training provider and assessments.