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… Learners (apprentices) benefit from good-quality training that allows them to develop new knowledge and skills quickly.

Learners (Apprentices) …. learn new knowledge and have opportunities to share their working experiences.

Tutors provide high-quality additional resources that help apprentices secure and improve their knowledge.

Employers value the frequent and informative communication they enjoy with staff. Staff involve employers in designing useful courses which fit their business needs.

Staff give informative feedback to employers about their apprentices’ progress. As a result, employers help apprentices to develop the knowledge and skills they need to become better at their jobs.

What students are saying about us

My tutor was great and the supports I received were far better than my school days. There is one-to-one feedback and tutor was very committed and interested in my progress. I received help to get job my training. I will recommend this company over and over again.
Bianca Vilcica, Support Worker, London


Bianca Vilcica, Support Worker, London

‘The amount and quality of support I received from my tutor and assessor was fantastic. Apart from the regular face to face session, I have unlimited accessed to them through telephone, email and live online video chat. They always reply my emails with required help and sometimes set up telephone tutorial with me within 48 hours. The training I received has really changed my career in the positive direction’.
Jodie Clarke

What employers are saying about us


  • Degree apprenticeship better alternative to university

Degree apprenticeship better alternative to university

August 21st, 2018|0 Comments

With the recent introduction of degree apprenticeship, there is certainly a better alternative to obtaining university degree through the government apprenticeship programme. The degree apprenticeship programme which was introduced by the UK government in May [...]

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Learning and Development Bureau (LDB) - Apprenticeship Courses